A monster. That’s what all the scouts are saying about this kid, or better yet, grown-ass man. The Brick City native is a savage on the boards and will be looking to put Kenyon Martin out of a job. The Denver Nuggets selected the defensive specialist with the 22 pick, attempting to add some youth to their aging and depleted frontline. Faried led Morehead State to the 2011 NCAA tourney while putting up a beastly 17 and 14 along with a sure-to-please-George Karl 2 steals and blocks per contest as well.

Before his big day at the Prudential Center, we talked to Kenneth at the Sean John Official NBA Pre-Draft Style Suite with Conversion Sports to see just how Complex he really is.


What’s your favorite song at the moment?

Kenneth Faried: I have a couple different one’s but, I really like that new Drake joint; “I’m On One.”

What are your favorite sneakers to wear?

Kenneth Faried: I like Nikes, especially the Air Max ‘95s.

What’s the most money you spent on an item of clothing?

Kenneth Faried: I spent $500 on Polo gear in a day.

What celebrity is in your Wifey Hall of Fame?

Kenneth Faried: Alicia Keys [Laughs.] everything about her. She’s beautiful, she can sing, play all different types of instruments; oh my God, I love her. [Laughs.]

Favorite alcoholic drink?

Kenneth Faried: I’m iffy. I like Grey Goose and E & G, depends on how I’m feeling.

Current video game obsession?

Kenneth Faried: Call of Duty, I’m pretty good.

What’s your handle?

Kenneth Faried: KTime35 on 360 and PS3, bring it.

Dream ride?

Kenneth Faried: I’ve always wanted a stretch Hummer and have someone drive me around. [Laughs.] I like trucks, as long as it’s nice; I’m good.

Coveted tech product?

Kenneth Faried: iPad.

Favorite city to visit?

Kenneth Faried: Everything about L.A., I love. As a matter of fact, I’m based out there now. No more Jersey weather. [Laughs.]

Who’s the most famous person in your cell phone?

Kenneth Faried: Russell Westbrook.

What does it feel like to know you’ll be a millionaire soon?

Kenneth Faried: It hasn’t hit me yet. A lot’s been going on, like paying bills for the family and stuff like that.