Ayo, Rashard Mendenhall, your teammate Hines Ward has a message he wants to relay to you: Shut. The. Fuck. Up! Okay, so he didn't use those exact words. But when ESPN spoke to Ward recently and asked him for his reaction to the recent Twitter controversy involving Mendenhall and his thoughts on Osama Bin Laden and 9/11, Ward didn't mince his words. "Everybody's entitled to their opinion," he said. "But that wasn't a good opinion."

He didn't stop there, either, as he went on to criticize all athletes who jump on Twitter and broadcast their opinions without thinking about how it could affect their teams and, more importantly, their teammates. "If that's your opinion, leave it as your opinion," he said. "When you tweet that out there, you have to deal with the backlashes that come with that. You put everybody out there because everywhere we go we get asked questions about the comments you made. When you tweet like that, you've got to be careful. I'm not a big tweeter because sometimes your emotions get caught up, you speak your mind and it's not always the best thing to say." So, um, yeah. To sum it all up: Shut the eff up, Rashard! [via ProFootballTalk]

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