Date: 8/11/2005

In recent years, major league front offices have emphasized defense when putting together their rosters, to great effect (see: 2008 Tampa Bay Rays). In a rare case of foresight, Mets brass was actually up on defense early. Only problem? They hired two guys for the same position. Prior to 2004, the Mets signed Gold Glove centerfielder Mike Cameron; the next year they signed future Gold Glove centerfielder Carlos Beltran. They moved Cameron to right, which was fine until his inner center fielder emerged in a game against the Padres and he collided head first with the actual center fielder, Beltran. Cameron came away with a concussion, broken cheekbones, and loss of vision, Beltran was lucky to walk away with only vertigo. Anybody that saw the collision live figured they were both dead though.

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