We've all heard of, or even fallen victim to the infamous police traffic ticket quota—a period of the month, or even week where it seems the boys in blue are out to hit a specific number of tickets given. But any police officer you talk to on the record will tell you that no such thing exists. Well, except for Howard Chan and David Benioff of the Los Angeles Police department. The two officers recently sued the city for instituting a real traffic ticket quota. Forget monthly or weekly numbers; Chan and Benioff told the courts that they were instructed to write at least 18 tickets per shift, ncluding major offenses like blown intersections and the likes! 

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that jurors sided with the officers in their civil case, to a tune of 11-1, and awarded them with $2 million dollars to compensate for their damaged reputations and other work reprimands. Here's hoping the ruling sets a precedent, and revamps this "nonexistent" code of conduct, nationwide.

[via Los Angeles Times