For those not familiar with the Texas Mile, the 100% legal sanctioned event is an extra-large straight shot of speed. Tuning houses and individuals bring their cars in hopes of topping 200mph on a long stretch of lone-star pavement. One familiar face at the outing is Hinson Motorsports, who was on the way to breaking another record with their twin-turbo Corvette, until things went awry.

While going 230mph, Hinson's 'Vette veered off track, flipping itself before landing on its wheels. Luckily, due in no small part to the Texas Mile's rigid safety standards, the driver walked away from the wreck unharmed. A crash like that would have most people hanging up their helmets, but Hinson vows to be back next time, better than ever.

[TheDailyHoon via Autoblog]