This could just be a bunch of BS. But according to the National Enquirer (the reason this could just be a bunch of BS...) Justin Bieber's (deadbeat?) dad is a former MMA fighter who's looking to use an investment from his son to start up his own fighting school. [Terez Owens]

Bart Scott made his pro wrestling debut—and might have violated the contract that he signed by getting tapped out by Kurt Angle. [theScore]

A sport that's probably not going to catch on in the U.S. anytime soon: Underwater ice hockey! [SB Nation]

When he wasn't bawling his eyes out this week, Chris Bosh and his fiancee snapped some shots for their wedding invites. We'll assume ours is already in the mail, sir? [Stiletto Jill]

The trailer for Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's reality show is out. WHY CAN'T IT BE APRIL ALREADY?!?! (just kidding) [Hollywood Life]