The NCAA Tournament is here! And you know what that means: Plenty of fluffy feature pieces on the breakout stars of the tourney. But we can't say we saw this one coming. Apparently, Jimmer Fredette is a pretty popular dude at the Mount McGregor Correctional Facility in New York. WTF? Yeah, ever since Fredette and his older brother made a trip to the medium-security prison to play pickup games against the prisoners housed there back in 2007, dudes have been crowding around the TV sets to watch Fredette play for BYU anytime they can. "They all ask about me, how I'm doing and how the season is going," he said recently. "I guess we've made some relationships in there and people know about BYU basketball...We have those guys on our side, which is good." Uh, yeah. You can say that again, son! [via The Dagger]