If you're not familiar with the premise behind the Classic Car Club of Manhattan, it's a pretty dope concept to say the least. Pay an annual membership fee, and suddenly your garage gets a whole lot bigger. Participants in the club have a seemingly endless array of exotic autos, old and new, available for them to borrow—not to mention an ill spot to chill at when home isn't cutting it. But a playboy-lifestyle place like this must be suffering under the current economy, no?

No. The Manhattan chapter of Classic Car Club (which also has seven other international locations) is reaching capacity. To keep the dream alive for new hopeful members, they're expanding, with an all new location in New York's Upper East Side. Setting up shop on E. 73rd st, "CCC II" looks to quickly become a fixture in the neighborhood, like its SoHo predecessor. 

So how much? Memberships start at $8,000 and go up from there, with different levels of access and borrow times. Not bad, considering when you're done playing with a car, you just throw it back in this big-boy-toy box and walk away. 

Stay tuned for more as the grand opening approaches.

Source: Classic Car Club, Manhattan

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