Ronaldo reportedly asked Irina Shayk to marry him earlier this month. This hasn't been confirmed by Ronaldo's reps yet. But, hey, it gives us a reason to throw up a shot of Sports Illustrated's latest Swimsuit Issue cover model so we're not complaining. [theScore]

Talking shit to your head coach during a game? Rip Hamilton is doing everything he can to make the Detroit Pistons season even worse than it already is. [The Big Lead]

We're not really sure why, but Indiana fans saw fit to chant "JUS-TIN BIE-BER!" at Andrei Kirilenko during a Pacers/Jazz game. Can we go a day without Biebz making sports headlines? [SLAM]

Mike Brown's son Elijah is catching hell for, well, for being Mike Brown's son. Keep it classy, Cleveland. [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Surprise, surprise: Skip Bayless still doesn't think LeBron James is as good as everyone says he is after seeing him miss a game-tying three-ball against the Knicks last night. [Twitter]