By Willie G

If you live in the Northeast, you know full well that Mother Nature has a way of seriously screwing up your winter existence. From flights to weekend plans, or even just your ride to the daily grind, nothing’s safe from her foul demeanor. Then, there’s the small slice of life that gets demonstrably better when Ms. Nature decides to bring her frigid temperament to the table.

But what do you do for a little cold-weather excitement if you’re not about the slopes or snowmobiles? Well if you can safely get yourself to Manchester, VT, we recommend you check yourself into the Equinox Resort & Spa, and check out the Land Rover Experience Driving School. Open year round, the on and off-road course takes on a whole new character in the winter, nestled in the generous and sometimes unpredictable snow-belt of the Green Mountains. The best part? You don’t have to worry about waking up to find out your day behind the wheel’s been cancelled. If anything, LR’s team of accomplished instructors jumps at the chance to show off the model line’s capabilities.

Alone, or in a caravan of LR4s, Range Rovers, and Range Rover Sports, your day includes learning techniques that will make you a more capable driver—even if you’re not lucky enough to drive a Land Rover back home. Recently, Complex had a chance to ride along for a class—just as “Snowpocalypse, Part III” hit the region. Our assessment? This ain’t no mamby-pamby ride-along. Though you’ll have the luxury of an extremely accomplished instructor riding shotgun, this trek is all on you, kid; and wear decent boots, because there’s a good chance you’ll have to learn how a winch works.

So if leaning, sliding, and maybe even catching a little air (in an automobile) doesn’t scare you, trek up to Vermont and get behind the wheel for yourself. Just a word of advice; if you don’t come away lusting for a Range even more, then dude, you did it wrong. Oh—and the Equinox is a pretty dope spot as well. Keep your eyes peeled—you might run into some of the most interesting people in the world!

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