Becks' wife tells British Vogue that she recently had her implants taken out. We're gonna go ahead and say that was a good move, Posh. [Kickette]

For all the talk about his bitchmade tendencies, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 60 goals in 61 games in La Liga so far—all neatly compiled in this video compilation. The boy knows how to score, clearly. [Dirty Tackle]

With the end of the marathon in sight, this Japanese runner took a turn for the worse...literally. []

One guy has broken a guy's eye socket. The other person once broke a somebody's jaw. These aren't professional fighters, but rather NBA players. Shout out to Tony Allen and OJ Mayo for being ballers that seem like they can actually throw down (no Alonzo). [The Big Lead]

We're praying that one of this weekend's NFL playoff games goes into overtime, just for the inevitable clusterfuck confusion over the new OT rules. [Washington Post]

The NHL unveiled their Stan Lee-assisted All-Star Game commercial. Pass or fail? [Puck Daddy]

After only 34 games, Blake Griffin has become the NBA's new Poster Child (or Flyin' Oklahomie...or Blizzy Blake...or one of these nicknames). Now, he'll be taking his talents to the Slam Dunk Contest. Who will join him? Please, no more Krypto-Nate... [Deadspin]