With all the corporate slathering that's come to define professional motorsports, it's hard to imagine a team really giving much thought to the paint and decals—known as the livery—that adorn its car. Typically, if the main sponsor's logo is silver and red, it pretty much dictates that the car will be silver and red. And unfortunately, some teams don't put much more thought it into than that. However, there are a few teams that push through the drudgery and come up with cool designs that fans will remember as much as the performance of the cars themselves. Sometimes the design marks a special occasion or cause, or a new owner, or is just new for newness' sake. It's because of these that we decided to look through all of our favorite race teams and compile this list of the most creative designs. From old Formula 1 teams to short-lived Dakar Rally cars, check out the 50 Greatest Race Liveries of All Time.

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