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From the "Japan did it first" file, five-toed shoes and toe socks have walked—with maximum anatomic efficiency, natch—into America. Yeah, it may be a bit off-putting to see your little piggies all segregated beneath fabric, but the five-toed movement is as much about function as form. (Just ask Dice-K.) The Vibram FiveFingers shoes stimulate your feet/leg muscles and are said to improve balance, agility, and posture. Meanwhile, Injinji has a full line of toe socks in different colorways that offer a multitude of benefits, including post-exercise recovery and foot therapy. There's all that, plus the fact that some people just like feeling that barefoot steez at all times, word to Ethiopian marathon runners. So, then: Cop It Or Not? See below to vote, for Buy It Now info, and to leave your own $0.02 in the comments...

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Vibram FiveFingers Classic
Click Here to Buy It Now at Vibram, $75

Injinji Performance Series - Mini Crew Rainbow
Click Here to Buy It Now at Injinji, $14

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