ISSUE: Early Sunday morning, police found Colts' defensive lineman John Gill passed out in a ditch. Police described Gill as smelling of alcohol, disheveled, and soiled. Charges of public intoxication were not filed but Colts President Bill Polian says he plans on sending Gill to rehab.
DARK MAN X SAYS: How typical. In the eyes of the popo, a drunk white man lying in a ditch who shits his pants is just a victim who needs rehab. A drunk black man? A threat to society and public enemy number one.
WHITEY FORD SAYS: C'mon, who hasn't had a drunken night where they've ended up in a ditch and woken up with soiled pants next to their half-naked sister? Uh...except that last part.
COMPLEX SAYS: If dude is doing this during training camp, we could only imagine the Super Bowl fuckery he got into last season.

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