Bimmers, Benzs, and Bentleys usually come to mind when one thinks of "dream cars." Not J. Cole. The North Carolina native may be on his road to riches and diamond rings, but his current automotive tastes are a little more...affordable. To kick off our new column, "Miracle Whips," J. Cole tells us about the car he hoped to own back when a Roc Nation record deal was still a far-off dream: a Nissan Pathfinder. Seriously. Read on to find out why he pined for a Pathfinder up until college and what his new and improved dream car is. Don't worry, it costs way more than a Nissan...

J. Cole: "Growing up, I was never really a car person. I never knew the types of cars, was never able to say, 'Oh, that's a Mercedes CLS, E-Class,' or 'That's a Bimmer 5 series.' I didn't know what any of that meant. I just thought some cars were cool. My stepdad bought a Nissan Pathfinder, and he used to always trade it in. You know how some rich people sometimes trade in their Benz for the latest ones? Well, he was trading in the Pathfinder [laughs], but to me he was so cool, and the Pathfinder represented him so well. He had this one all-black Pathfinder and he put 20s on it. Mind you, this guy was like in his mid-30s, pushing 40, mid-life crisis type shit [laughs]. But at the time, me being young, I'm like, 'Yeah!' And he had a system in the whip, so I always liked that shit. I wanted to take that shit to my prom! [Laughs.] That's how ill it was! You know how you get to college and you have a conversation with someone and it comes up, like 'Yo, what's your dream car?' I'd tell people, 'Man, my dream car is a Nissan Pathfinder [laughs].' And dudes would look at me so crazy, like, a Nissan Pathfinder?! They were talkin' about Bentleys and Benzs. It took years, literally years, for me to start wanting something else."

Complex: What's your dream car now?

J. Cole: "I don't have no dream car, It's still low-key for where I'm at in my life. [Laughs.] My dream car is attainable right now! That's always been the problem. But, nah, I don't have a dream car right now, man. A car is the last thing on my mind. You know why? I like taking steps. I couldn't see myself in a Bentley, 'cause I'm not there yet, I couldn't do that, so I don't even like it yet. I saw Wayne's Bugatti, and I did like that. I ain't gon' lie. That shit looked like a real Batmobile. I'll say that, a Bugatti Veyron. I wouldn't mind having that."

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