No sex in the champagne room? Says who? Haynesworth supposedly got it in with an exotic dancer who now wants $10 mill. Ouch. [USA Today]

In 2012, Formula One Racing will be making its return to the U.S. in a city you might not expect. Guess Lewis Hamilton now has a reason to bag more U.S. pop stars. [New York Times]

President Obama made his pick to win the NBA Finals. [ESPN]

Serena and Common may have broken up—hopefully this means we get to see her in that catsuit again. [NY Post]

$800K in ticket scalping + greedy Kansas Jayhawks staffers = NCAA committee getting in that ass. Pause. [Yahoo Sports]

Mullets in sports are nearly extinct. Sadly another one recently bit the dust. [The Sporting Blog]

Mark Sanchez and Lance Bass chillin' late night together... ayo! [TMZ]