mothersfxdeluxe_opener WHAT: Mothers FX Deluxe Kit

COMPARE TO: Meguiars The Complete Kit

PRICE: $67

FUN FACT: Mothers sponsors the Falken Drift Team and, oddly enough the Mazda Furai concept car that was being tested at Laguna Seca raceway.

WHY COMPLEX IS CO-SIGNING IT: Going off the current weather we're experiencing here in the Northeast, it's pretty clear that winter's finally melting away and spring will be here sooner than later. Or, as Kanye once said, "Summer's on the way and these hos doin' sit ups." So that means it's time to get your ride looking right, so that when the warm weather is really here to stay, you can ride around shinin'. One of our favorite ways of getting our cars back to having that showroom shine is with Mothers products. Today's Buy It Now, the Mothers FX Deluxe Kit, is basically all you need to get your whip ready for the warm weather months. On top of their Car Wash product, you get their awesome FX SynWax and FX Spray Wax, FX Tire Shine and FX Wheel Cleaner. They also throw in a host of clothes and applicators to make sure you apply all that stuff properly. If you think all car cleaners are created equal and just for the cheapest one, well, you're probably ridin' dirtier than you think are you. And that's not a good look. Check below for Buy It Now info and some videos explaining how to use the FX SynWax and FX Spray Wax...

CLICK here to BUY IT NOW at Mothers, $67.00