Completing the resurrection of the U begun the year before (when they were passed over for the BCS title game for a Florida State team they had beaten), the '01 'Canes turned in one of the truly dominating performances in college football history. They outscored their opponents 512-117 (a 43-10 average) and featured an assemblage of talent that may not be repeated: three future Pro Bowlers at one position (running backs Clinton Portis, Willis McGahee, and Frank Gore), All Pros Andre Johnson and Ed Reed, and underclassmen backups that included Kellen Winslow and Sean Taylor. Would've probably been even more badass except that they did it all in a more or less dignified fashion (backup running back Najeh Davenport did defecate in a woman's laundry basket three months after Miami crushed Nebraska in the Rose Bowl, but we did say "more or less").