It's easy to believe Jay-Z when he says things like, "I don't want much, fuck, I drove every car." And it's not just because he's sitting atop the Forbes richest rappers list—that's only one of the reasons. The other is his music videos. Since his Reasonable Doubt days Jay has consistently brought out the hottest rides on available on the market, and some only available to those with money longer than Weezy's dreads. So we weren't surprised when we learned that his upcoming video for "On To The Next" off Blueprint 3 will feature the all-new 2010 Jaguar XJ (shown above with BP3 livery) before it even hits showrooms. To mark the occasion, we went back and looked through every Jay-Z video to see just how dope his whip game really is. And take it from us, it's pretty damn dope...

VIDEO: "Show Me What You Got"
YEAR: 2006
CAR: Ferrari F430 Spider, Pagani Zonda
• Mr. Carter brings Danica Patrick and Dale Earnhardt Jr to Monaco for the first video for Kingdom Come, and what are they driving? Only two of the best supercars on the market at the time. No offense to either driver, but we're not sure Jay should have trusted either of those oval racers on those winding roads. Just sayin'.


VIDEO: "Lost Ones"
YEAR: 2006
CAR: Maybach Exelero
• Well, we guess Jay does have friends at Maybach. For this video, Jay gets to push the reported $8 million, 700hp, bi-turbo V12 coupe that could have easily been used as the Batmobile.


VIDEO: "Blue Magic"
YEAR: 2007
CAR: Rolls Royce Silver Wraith, Rolls Royce Corniche II
• Skateboard P and Jay creep through the city in vintage Rolls Royces. We clearly see whose pockets are deeper as Hov is in the classic Silver Wraith and P is just in a Corniche II, which if you couldn't tell by looking, also sold as the Bentley Continental.

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