Sure, tonight's got the first games of the NBA season, but for the first time in a long while we've actually got baseball on our minds here in late October. After enduring ignoring thrilling World Series matchups like Philadelphia-Tampa Bay and Houston-Chicago the last few years, it looks like baseball has a matchup for the ages on its hands with the Yankees-Phillies tilt that's set to start tomorrow night.

Of course the sports talking heads are chattering away about this could-be classic of a Series, but we know you don't come to Complex to talk about who hits better when they're behind in the count. You'd rather know who's fans fight better in the stands, and who's pitching coach is more likely to spark a j in the dugout, right? We thought so, and made sure to include both in our Ultimate Guide to the 2009 World Series.

FANS: The Yankees and Phillies fans are both notorious for different reasons. Yankees fans have an arrogance that makes Kanye look humble, while Phillies fans hate everyone including Santa. NY may have the glitz of stars like Kate Hudson and Jay-Z at home games but Phillies fans just go harder. Pause. Advantage: Phillies



CREAM: With a payroll over $200 million for most of this decade, the Yankees always have an endless amount of stacks on deck. The Phillies payroll totaled $111 million this year so they aren't hurting either. But the Yankees treat all-star free agents like old men treat strippers when their social security checks come in—they can have whatever they like.Advantage: Yankees


COACHING: The Yanks are skippered by former player Joe Girardi, who used to be loose (he got fired from his last gig for cussing out the team's owner in public), but now he's got so many Steinbrenners and New York media up his ass he's got to take 15 walks to the pitcher's mound every game just so he can shit straight. The Phills on the other hand have laid back country boy Charlie Manuel (not to mention a pitching coach named Rich Dubee). Advantage: Phillies



ON THE FIELD: The Phillies are defending world champs who finished finished up their NLCS in 5 games. The Yankees have home field advantage and arguably the best pitcher and hitter of the post season with C.C. Sabathia and Alex Rodriguez. However the Phillies did take two out of three in their interleague series back in May. Advantage: Even

PREDICTION: This one has all the makings of a true Fall Classic. With nearly a decade's worth of frustration to work off (not to mention a superior bullpen), we've got to go with the Yankees in 7.


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