Cockblocking ain't cool, just ask the homie McLovin. Whether you're preventing someone from getting laid or getting paid, that shit is flagrant, my friends.

Boston College football coach Jeff Jagodzinski knows a little something about cockblocking: his boss threatened to fire him for merely going on an interview with the New York Jets. Jags went through with the interview, and, earlier today, his boss went through with the threat. But it's not the first time a rooster-hindrance (as the old folks call it) has occurred in sports. Check out some famous examples below...

BLOCKEE: New York Knicks point guard Stephon Marbury, 2008
• BLOCKER: Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni
• REASON: Claiming Starbury didn't fit in with his system (i.e. "no frightening above ear tattoos") D'Antoni first benches, then deactivates, then bans Steph from the team.
• REVENGE: Too soon to tell, although Marbury did spend $2600 to sit courtside at a Knicks-Lakers game and talk on his cell phone.

BLOCKEE: Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens, 2005
• BLOCKER: Eagles management, specifically coach Andy Reid
• REASON: After acting like an ass (albeit a productive one) for most of the '05 season, Owens was suspended by Reid and eventually deactivated by the team and released. T.O. signed with Dallas in '06.
• REVENGE: The Eagles finished 6-10 in '05 but beat out Owens' Cowboys for the division title in '06.

BLOCKEE: Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson, 2003
• BLOCKER: Bucs coach Jon Gruden
• REASON: 10 games into the '03 season, Gruden kicked Johnson off the squad for repeated violations of team rules. Key was traded to Dallas the following spring.
• REVENGE: Bucs failed to make playoffs in '03; Johnson led the Cowboys in receiving yards and touchdowns in '04.

BLOCKEE: L.A. Raiders running back Marcus Allen, 1990-1992
• BLOCKER: Al Davis
• REASON: After a contract dispute and a year lost to injury, Raiders boss/head track suit model Davis buried the 5-time Pro Bowler and MVP on the bench, relegating him to third-string and eventually fourth-string duties.
• REVENGE: In his first year with the rival Kansas City Chiefs, Allen won Comeback Player of the Year and led the Chiefs to a division championship over the Raiders.

BLOCKEE: Oakland A's bench coach Ken Macha, 2002
• BLOCKER: Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane
• REASON: During spring training before the 2002 season, Beane denied the Boston Red Sox permission to talk to Macha about their vacant managerial position.
• REVENGE: Macha was given the A's managerial post after the '02 season and led the team to the playoffs. He resigned after the '05 season, was rehired and led Oakland to another postseason appearance...and then got fired a week after they were bounced.

BLOCKEE: New Jersey Nets point guard Jason Kidd, 2008
• BLOCKER: Dallas Mavericks guard Devean George
• REASON: Desperate to get traded to a contender, Kidd thought his wish had been granted when it was announced he been dealt to the Mavs for George and a bunch of other spare parts, only to have Devean the dude invoke his no-trade clause.
• REVENGE: The trade was eventually consummated, and Kidd led Dallas to...a first round loss in the playoffs.

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