Whether basketball season is in full swing or you're living in the aftermath of another all-consuming NBA Finals, there is no wrong time to strap up them boots and head to your local gym to play all of one game of basketball before you hit the sidelines and debate for two hours about who is actually deserving of an MVP title. While others may be basing their hypothesis on PERs, BPMs and OPPs, you are able to determine the Finals champion AND the MVP simply by whose signature sneaker is the most popping, the true barometer of success, as anyone with any sense will be able to tell you.

How do you determine the best basketball sneakers from the more forgettable ones? Like the famous saying about porn versus art, it's hard to describe what makes a basketball shoe great, but you definitely know it when you see it. And while the big name athletes attached to their signature shoes, from Lebron to Curry and Harden, will do their best to make sure you think they have the coolest joints out there, you've got to avoid the temptation to ride with a garbage product regardless if you really want to rise above the rest.

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