When it comes to innovation in the sportswear industry adidas may have been slow to start out of the gate, but in the past two years the brand has finally managed to find its stride. The reason for celebration is the Three Stripes’ introduction of an innovative cushioning technology dubbed ‘Boost’.

But it hasn’t been easy for the brand to find its footing.

Sure, adidas has a steady stream of iconic silhouettes still courting the public eye that remain largely unchanged over the decades like the Stan Smith and Superstar, but the performance aspect of the brand lacked a defining trait for adidas to really call its own.

That all changed in 2013 when adidas unveiled to the world its most ambitious technology  Boost. adidas had promised Boost was a revolutionary cushioning tech that delivered the highest energy return in any running product, the type of tech that upends industries in the same vein that Nike’s Flyknit did for its own line of running sneakers. Made from thousands of specially formulated foam pellets called “energy capsules,” the process itself to produce a Boost midsole requires the help of the world’s largest chemical producer in the world, BASF.