The First Thing LeBron James Did When He Saw the Air Zoom Generation Was Smell It

See the what LeBron James did when he saw the Air Zoom Generation for the first time

LeBron James Air Zoom Generation
Image via Getty/Steve Grayson
LeBron James Air Zoom Generation

Long before sneaker unboxings were documented for the entire internet to view, an 18-year-old LeBron James unboxed his first signature sneaker prior to an exhibition game in L.A.

While James had seen samples of the shoe in earlier meetings with Nike, he hadn’t yet seen the finished product. Upon arriving at the road game, Nike presented James with a box that included a headband, a pair of socks, and the Air Zoom Generation.

James revealed his first reaction to the shoe on Uninterrupted’s The Shop, which airs in full on Friday. “You smell the inside, of course," he laughed. "You’re damn right.”

Watch LeBron reminisce about the moment below.