Week One : Ask Chi McBride!

Hey everyone, check out my new Q/A column -- Ask Chi!

chi_issue11 What's up party people!? Thanks for checking out my blog here on SoleCollector.com! You probably know me from TV shows like Boston Public and Pushing Daisies, or from movies like Undercover Brother, Brothers Solomon and iRobot. I also have a pretty extensive sneaker collection!

I've been featured in Sole Collector's Air Jordan XX1 Issue and Air Force 1 Issue, and each week I'll be answering your questions about the shoe world, Hollywood or whatever it is you're curious about. Just fill out the form below! From time to time, I'll also be giving you guys updates on what kicks I've been wearing and what projects I'm working on. For the first week, Nick from the SC Team and I chopped it up...check it out! Peace and hairgrease!

What do you think about the current state of Jordan Brand?

I think that the current state of JB is turning a corner and headed in the right direction. With Mark Smith at the helm as Head of Creative Global Design, I've got a really good feeling about JB's future. Recently I chopped it up with the guys on Smitty's team over lunch here in LA, and shared my thoughts with them over just about, verbatim, these same questions. As far as what I'm feelin', I like the things dropping that tell a story, like the 60+ and the upcoming flu game XII. MJ's legacy is, I believe, in the stories of his many accomplishments and like New York, dude has 8 million stories.

What have you liked from them and what are you excited about that's upcoming?

The 60+ is a good look, and adaptable to many colorways. Adam Parkinson, head of lifestyle apparel, and I talked about introducing Flight themed gear, WWII styled bomber jackets, bags, boots, etc., crafted with high end, superb quality, luxury materials. I think they're headed in the right direction as well with some really hot Lifestyle gear starting this fall and winter. Among other things, a Spiz'ike boot, which is fire.

Has there been anything lately that's disappointed you?

As for disappointments, I was really real with them about the one thing I am absolutely NOT feeling : Air Force 1/Jordan Fusions. Though I could go on and on about how much I'm not feelin' 'em, I'll sum it up in one word: STOP! But overall, I think the ship is righting itself and the future is by NO means grim. Plus, there's a release coming up real soon that the heads are REALLY gonna dig. I cant say what it is, but I'll give up a l'il hint...Nike Air...Nike Air...NIke Air...That's my State of the Union on JB! [contact-form 3 "Ask Chi McBride"]