Vintage Ad: Nike Air Huarache Plus from 1993

With the debut of Nike Running's Free Flyknit+ today, we go back 20 years to the brand's then-premier technology.

words // Zack Schlemmer

Nike Running released their latest creation today, the Free Flyknit+, combining two of the brand's most popular technologies of the Free outsole and a Flyknit upper.  Although they're not for everybody -- looks or performance-wise -- the Free Flyknit+ certainly is an eye-catching conversation starter.  With today's release, we thought it would be the perfect time to feature this ad for Nike's boldest running shoe from twenty years ago, the Air Huarache Plus. 

In 2013 Nike Running is aiming for the same thing they were twenty years ago with the Huarache Plus: the perfect fit.  From "hugging your foot" with the laceless Air Huarache Plus to the "Second Skin" of the Free Flyknit+, it has long been the company's goal to wrap your foot the most comfortable and efficient way possible.  And just like today's Free Flyknit+, the Air Huarache Plus was not quite like any shoe seen before it.  So, which do you prefer?

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