Knicks' Emmanuel Mudiay Reads Mean Under Armour Comments

Watch Knicks guard Emmanuel Mudiay react to mean Under Armour social Media comments on the latest episode of 'Release Roundup.'

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Having made a career out of going against the grain, it's not surprising that Emmanuel Mudiay bucked the trend by joining the Under Armour family when he turned pro in 2014. One of several UA team athletes wearing the new knitted Heatseeker sneaker, Mudiay is now playing in New York, where thick skin is necessary to grind through the ups and downs of hooping in the Mecca.

That thick skin also helps Mudiay deal with the flack he catches for being with a footwear brand still in search of its identity in the market. Just 22-years old, Under Armour has come a long way in recent years, but it hasn't stopped its detractors from making noise. On the most recent episode of Release Roundup, Rich 'MaZe' Lopez addressed the haters and even read some of the mean-spirited messages regarding UA that some readers have left on Sole Collector's social media channels. Mudiay handled the criticism well, representing the brand like a true ambassador.

One of the most common complaints about Under Armour footwear is the design of its primary logo and how it looks on shoes. Instead of being combative, Mudiay offered an honest assessment.

"Trust me, we have all talked about that. Even the people involved. If you look at Steph's new shoe, the sign is super little. And that's something that, when they come to me when I have my PEs and stuff to, they always ask me what you think about the logo. I be like we gotta bring that down, it's so big on everything."

Watch Mudiay fend off more anti-UA comments in the video above.