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Tonight, Derrick Rose will face off agains Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers for the first time since the former MVP's injury and subsequent absence last season. While the rest of the world is calculating the pair's averages, Sneaker Report takes a deep dive into the technical history of Derrick Rose's signature shoes with adidas. Let's take a look at how this shoe has progressed with the athlete and what to expect as Rose gets the Bulls back on track.

All of the adidas D Rose incorporates three major ingredients, the Sprintframe, Sprintweb, and Geofit. Together, these components compliment Rose' style of play in that they provide the support the player needs without weighing him down. Geofit deals with the collar cushioning that hugs your ankles protectively, Sprintweb is the combination of mesh and other high-quality synthetic materials that come together to make the sneaker's upper, and the Sprintframe midsole tooling helps with court feel and stability while in motion.

Let's break down every Derrick Rose signature, click here or above to start the story.

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adidas adiZero Rose 1

Key Technology: Sprintskin and Cilia traction surface
Release date: April 2010

The first adidas Derrick Rose signature sneaker, the adidas Rose 1, features Sprintskin on the medial side of the midfoot for a no-stretch, fully supportive panel. Including a Sprintframe midsole at the time was a new thing for adidas Basketball before it was used in previous soccer shoes. The PureMotion midsole system has three pods used under the toe of the sole to provide great support for stability during multi-directional movements, also thanks to a super-sturdy Cilia outsole surface.

Known for sporting an ankle brace on the court, the GeoFit foam ankle collar was designed to substitute Rose's brace habit with an independent unit made to conform to ankle with wear. Rose busted out his first-ever signature shoe with his longtime favorite brand, adidas, for the first half of the 2010-11 NBA Season. The Rose "USA" featured a white and navy colorway for the 2010 FIBA World Championship, followed by the all-yellow "All-Star" colorway to accompany the original Bull's red and black combo.

Here's one of the Rose 1 spots where Dwight Howard does most of the talking-er-singing, but you'll get a quick glimpse of the Rose 1 among the ridiculousness. F-A-S-T D-O-N-T L-I-EEEEEEEE:



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adidas adiZero Rose 1.5

Year: 2011
Key Technology: Attached Geofit ankle collar
Release date:

Derricks' three stripe ankle brace was back with the Rose 1.5. Still, advice directly from Derrick Rose requested a higher collar than the original adiZero Rose for the second half of the 2010-2011 NBA season to supply further support. Not only was the collar of the sneaker by the ankle raised, but the internal, detached Geofit collar was replaced with an attached piece to hug the ankle. No changes were made to the sole, as all improvements to the 1.5 focused on the upper.

Just in case anyone in the NBA forgot who just blew past them, a second visible Derrick Rose signature was added to the adiZero Rose 1.5 above the Stripes on the heel. This sneaker introduced the idea of the "Home" colorway as most Rose colorways were grey over the traditional Bull's white.

48_adidasadiZeroRose1.5 3-adidas-adizero-rose-1.5



Images via NBAE & adidas

adidas adiZero Rose 2

Year: 2011
Key feature: Midfoot support via elastic straps
Release date:

By the time the 2010-11 season playoffs came around, adidas had already equipped Rose with the adidas adiZero Crazy light in a "Derrick Rose" colorway, so with the 2011-12 season came the Rose 2. With elastic straps on both sides of the upper, the shoe had a snug, adjustable fit to cater to the ankle braces Rose depended on. Up until the release of the adidas Rose 2, outsole traction has never been a problem but the lave splatter-inspired pattern at the bottom of this shoe definitely took away from the way the shoe grips the ground. Rose ended the season in this sneaker en route to his first MVP honors.



adidas adiZero Rose 2.5

Key feature: Modified Sprintweb for extra ventilation
Release date: February 2012

The important feature for a Derrick Rose basketball sneaker, ankle cushioning, comes from a Geofit foam cushion on each side of the collar on the upper. A great moment for the NBA star, the Bulls star point guard signed a 14-year deal with adidas worth $260 million following his contract with the Bulls for five years and $95 million.

Then sold as the lightest basketball shoe on the market, the adizero Rose 2.5 offered great ventilation thanks to the large side panels of Sprintweb. Having reinforced padding at high impact sections on both sides of the toe reinforced durability,  while the incorporation of the miadidas activity tracker added a new technical advantage. Continuing with the trend started by the adiZero Rose 2, every sneaker after the Rose 2.5 still left room for Derrick to wear the adidas Speedwrap ankle brace without taking away from sneaker structure.  Unfortunately it was while wearing this sneaker that Rose went down with an ACL injury in April of 2012.

As the first Derrick Rose sneaker without a visible signature anywhere on the shoe, this was the first D Rose to debut the athlete's very own logo.

adidas adizero rose 2.5 adidas adizero rose 2.5 adidas adizero rose 2.5
adidas adizero rose 2.5 adidas adizero rose 2.5



Images via Chicago Bulls & adidas

adidas D Rose 3

Key feature: Diamond cut upper
Release date: October 2012

Relying on #TheReturn of Mr. Rose, the Rose 3 was announced in September of last year while Derrick was still recovering from his spring injury.

After dropping the "adiZero" moniker and officially taking on the "D Rose" name, the adidas D Rose 3 was released with "The Return" campaign in hopes that Rose would return to the Chicago Bulls during the 2012-13 NBA season which did not happen. Regardless, the shoe was met with high praise, touting a full length compression molded EVA that was widely regarded as an improvement over the former model.

The upper featured a diamond cut-out pattern for a dual purpose of support and breathability, sold for $160 with seven additional colorways available for the remainder of 2012. The synthetic nubuck and leather options played well with the multiple colorways were released to celebrate Chicago pride.

Behind-the-Scenes-at-the-adidas-D-Rose-3-Launch copy adidas-rose-3-aluminum-black-official-01 copy adidas-rose-3-aluminum-black-official-07 copy adidas-rose-3-aluminum-black-official-06 copy adidas-rose-3-aluminum-black-official-05 copy adidas-rose-3-aluminum-black-official-03 copy adidas-rose-3-aluminum-black-official-04 copy



Images via Reuters & NBA Store

adidas D Rose 3.5

Key feature: Re-tooled Sprintframe
Release date: January 2013

Derrick Rose had been spotted practicing in the adidas D Rose 3.5 for a while before it's January 31st release. Debuting for $160 in six additional colorways through April, Rose shared his thoughts about his return in the model.

"My main thing is always sharpening my game and improving my body and with the D Rose 3.5 adidas took that same approach. This shoe takes the best things from my last shoe and made them even better. I'm more comfortable and supported on the court and bringing some real serious style too."

The 3.5 was made to fit closer to the foot than its predecessor with a SprintFrame sole featuring an external heel counter to make the last shoe the lightest with the most potential for energy return.

Adidas_D Rose 3.5_BlackRed Adidas_D Rose 3.5_BlackRed 5 Adidas_D Rose 3.5_BlackRed 4 Adidas_D Rose 3.5_BlackRed 3 Adidas_D Rose 3.5_BlackRed 2 Adidas_D Rose 3.5_BlackRed 1 adidas_Rose_3.5_3 adidas New D Rose 3.5 "Metal/Black" adidas New D Rose 3.5 "Metal/Black"



2nd image via Sole Collector

adidas D Rose 4

Key feature: Sprintweb
Release date: October 2013

The latest Derrick Rose signature, the adidas D Rose 4, marks the return of Rose to the Bulls after 17 long months for Bulls fans. Featuring the latest Sprintframe midsole shape, Sprintweb upper layering and Geofit cushioning back-half of shoe. adidas has vastly improved the cushioning from the first adiZero Rose sneaker to the current D Rose 4 with a plush material and a snug forefoot fit.

Let me tell you something (else)... this adidas Basketball commercial is one of the best. Its dramatic approach strips away all of the distracting elements of the game to reveal that basketball is everything. A stark contrast to the first Rose signature ad.

Rose has clearly made himself comfortable in the D Rose 4 by putting up massive numbers in the preseason as well as working to get himself back on top.

Stay tuned as Sneaker Report continues to roll out all of the latest on the Sneaker Report D Rose Signature Collection.

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