Ukraine's Muscle Beach Makes Your Gym Look Like a Barbie Dreamhome

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Made up entirely of scrap metal and old car parts, photographer Kirill Golovchenko captures an amazing scene in his book Kachalka: Muscle Beach, documenting a famous outdoor gym on the Ukrainian island of Tuhev.

Stretched out over six-square miles, the gym looks like some sort of eerie playground taken right out of the Soviet era and is a far cry from some of the luxurious gyms we are used to here in America. The gym was designed by Polish gymnast Kasimir Jagelsky and local mathematics professor Jurij Kuk in the early 1970s and, judging by the peeling paint and rusty iron, it appears to have not been updated since then.

Besides it's bizarre appearance, the public gym has political meaning too. According to Golovchenki, the fitness center served as a democratic place where everyone stood on the same ground no matter their social class. For more information regarding "Muscle Beach," head over to Shots


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