#whynot Russell Westbrook's Air Jordan XX8s and Why He Wears the Sneakers He Does

The OKC All-Star breaks down the methods to his sneaker game, both on and off the court

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Even before Russell Westbrook signed on with Jordan Brand this past fall, it was apparent that the Thunder guard had a very clear sense of his own personal style. And whether it was the PEs on the court or the Louboutins off it, it was obvious that he put some thought into every footwear choice. So, along with giving you an exclusive look at some of his upcoming Air Jordan XX8 PEs (peep the perforated white leather shroud), we also hit him up with some questions on how he sorts out what to wear. Check it out.

How do you choose the sneakers you wear?

It depends on my mood, how I feel that day or what I want to wear

Does the outfit determine the sneaker or the sneakers determine the outfit?

It really depends on how much time I have. If I am in a rush I will put on some clothes and just grab a pair of sneakers to match but if I have time I like to pick a pair of sneakers and then put the outfit together to match the sneakers.

How important is appearance when it comes to sneakers worn during games?

The most important thing about game sneakers is comfort.  Of course you want them to look good but comfort is the biggest thing.

With Michael Jordan, it was always about a shoe that looked good both on and off court. With you having a better sense of fashion, how important is a sneaker that works both on and off court?

It is very important that a sneaker works both on and off the court and that is why I love Jordans because all Jordans can be worn on and off the court.


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