Reebok Classics and Emmitt Smith Re-Introduce the Reebok ES22

Hexalite for the turf.

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Allen Iverson wasn't the only professional athlete vexing defenders in the '90s while wearing Hexalite-infused kicks. Nope, down in Dallas there was a running back named Emmitt Smith, setting records and winning Super Bowls long before the days when Dallas would be best known for a German-born basketball player and the largest video display in the universe.

Now, for the first time ever, his ES22 signature shoe will be returning, dropping as a Foot Locker exclusive in its original colorways on Wednesday, November 21st. With its distinctive, Question-like Hexalite windows and incredibly stable base, the ES22 was exactly what Emmitt needed to cut and sprint his way into the Hall of Fame — earning rushing titles, Pro Bowl berths and a Super Bowl MVP along the way. Suggested retail is $140.

Check the videos below for Emmitt's thoughts on the shoe, his career, and those trying to knock him from the record books, as well as Reebok VP Todd Krinsky's take on the ES22.


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