46 Awesome Air Jordan PEs Worn By Not-So-Awesome NBA Players

Player-edition Air Jordans should be strictly reserved for the best of the best in the NBA. Sometimes that just isn't the case.


Let's get something out of the way right out front: No players in the NBA are actually terrible. All hyperbole aside, even the worst guy to ever play in the NBA would give everyone buckets at the Y or at the local playground. Sure, even Gilbert Arenas can get dunked on once by a nobody, but in the long run professional basketball players are professional basketball players for a reason. Real scrubs don't even get a whiff of the NBA.

Now, all THAT said, Air Jordans in the NBA are a different story. Only the best of the best players in the NBA should get to wear Air Jordans, and only the best of the best of the best should get Air Jordans in their own team colors with their own initials or number or whatever embroidered on them. Clearly this isn't always the case. For example, do you have any idea who those Vs with the number 20 on the heels were made for? Exactly. So check out 46 Awesome Air Jordan PEs Worn By Not-So-Awesome NBA Players and hey, maybe even you can get your own Air Jordan PEs someday.*


*Not a chance in hell.

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Juwan Howard

Josh Howard

Bobby Simmons

Fred Jones

Mickael Pietrus

Darius Miles

Jared Jeffries

Harold Miner

Derek Anderson

Quentin Richardson