'White Men Can't Jump' Had More Influence on Sneaker Culture Than You Think

Billy and Sidney were the real O.G.'s.

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While the sneakers are dope enough on their own, one of the biggest reasons 'heads were thirsty for retros of basketball styles like the Nike Air Command Force was because of their unforgettable on-screen presence in 1992's White Men Can't Jump

The tandem of Billy Hoyle and Sidney Deane were simply fascinating as they took their competition to school and hustled up a nice profit in the process. But what's more is they got it done in style, rocking some of the '90s best sneakers along the way.

In case you've forgotten some of the great kicks seen in the movie, Champs Sports has put together a thorough breakdown that even includes clips of most of the sneakers in action.

They're all here, from the aforementioned Air Command Force to the "Black/Infrared" Jordan VI and the big man-approved adidas Artillery. Take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce by clicking here.