Why You Should Consider a Treadmill Desk

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If you work at a desk, chances are you spend a lot of your time sitting down. Recent studies have suggested that remaining stagnant throughout the day can be detrimental to the health benefits of regular exercise. To combat this, University of Missouri nutrition and exercise specialists have been using treadmill desks, which allow workers to walk at 1-2 mph while burning as many as 100 calories per hour. This added movement throughout the day results in a number of benefits, such as weight loss, improved posture, better focus, less back stress, reduced anxiety, and increased job satisfaction.

The experiment will continue as the specialists research the long-term health and satisfaction affects of the treadmill desks. While it's clearly not a substitute for a regular fitness plan, so far they're finding that being able to squeeze in extra cardio time can improve one's well being in a number of ways. Would you make the switch from a chair to a treadmill desk? If you're considering making the switch from a seated to moving desk, you'll want to consider The 10 Best Walking Shoes Available Today.

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