A Teenage Girl Was Run Over While Trying to Buy Sneakers

Straight up heartless.

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This is one of the most heartless incidents of sneaker violence we've heard about lately.

A 16-year-old girl from Loganville, Ga., was robbed and run over with a car while trying to buy sneakers from someone she says she trusted, reports WSB-TV. The meet-up originated on the website Offer Up, where the victim arranged a deal for a pair of Air Jordan VIs from a 17-year-old girl she met at a party.

"Originally, she wanted $180, but I talked her down to $140," the victim said. The two girls agreed to meet, but when the victim arrived, she was met by a car of adult males who proceeded to grab the cash and speed off, running over the victim and her dog in the process. 

"She set it up, and they robbed her and did some things that could have cost her her life," the victim's mother said.

Police are now speaking with the 17-year-old girl to identify suspects in the case.