Steph Curry Is Selling More Sneakers in the U.S. Than LeBron James

And everyone else, too.

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It's no secret that Steph Curry's Under Armour sneakers are putting numbers on the board. In the fourth quarter of 2015 alone, Under Armour made $1.17 billion, a figure that can be attributed in large part to a 95 percent increase in footwear sales driven by Curry's signature line. That much is known, but what if we told you Curry was actually moving more sneakers than LeBron James? 

As reported by Quartz, an analyst at financial firm Morgan Stanley says Curry is currently selling more sneakers in the U.S. than LeBron James and every other active player. In fact, the only person who's ahead of Curry right now is His Airness himself. "UA's signature Stephen Curry basketball shoe U.S. business is already bigger than LeBron, Kobe and every other player except Michael Jordan,” Morgan Stanley said.

According to Morgan Stanley's data, Curry's sneaker sales have seen an immense surge in the last two months, bringing his projected 2016 sneaker sales to $160M. Meanwhile, LeBron is slated to fall just shy with $150M. The drop-off from there is a drastic one, and Kobe Bryant rounds out the group with an estimated $18M in sales.

As great as Curry's sneakers are, one of the biggest reasons they're doing so well might also have something to do with their price in comparison to the rest of the models on the market. The Under Armour Curry 2 retails for $130, while the standard Nike LeBron 13 is priced at $200. "The growth [of Curry sneaker sales] could be a result of UA taking share by underpricing its shoes," Morgan Stanley said.

NPD Group's Matt Powell also chimed in: "There's no way Curry is going to outsell LeBron this year. That's just not going to happen," Powell said.

For now, that remains to be seen, but it sounds like competition in the industry is heating up in ways we haven't seen since the '90s, meaning the real winner here might end up being sneakerheads. Head over to Quartz for the complete rundown.