Find Out How Some of the Biggest Sneakerheads Store Their Collections

Sole Collector turned to some of its most well known members to find out how they store their sneakers.

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If you're looking for trustworthy advice, it's best to consult the experts. That's exactly what Sole Collector did as it set out to find out how its forum's biggest collectors store their kicks. Whether you've got a stockpile of vintage gems or just want to keep your sneakers in top shape, this is all advice worth heeding. 

"I take the paper out of the boxes. Colder temperatures are better than warmer temps. I also use plastic bags and silica packs. Also, don't stack boxes too high because we all know that heat rises," said one member. Even though the fact that heat rises is pretty much common sense, this is something that sneakerheads overlook far too often.

For serious collectors, one member suggested renting out a storage unit: "If you're serious and have a lot of shoes, I would recommend a storage facility. You can rent areas as small as 5' x 5'. The best thing is it's climate controlled."

What's your preferred method? Find out all the ways actual collectors store their sneakers by checking the full list of tips at Sole Collector.