Paul Pierce Says He Won't Wear Kobe, LeBron, or KD's Sneakers

Paul Pierce explains why the competition's sneakers are off-limits.

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Remember the story that surfaced last month about Paul Pierce telling his teammates not to wear the signature sneakers of his rival, LeBron James? Unsurprisingly, Pierce himself refuses to wear LeBrons, too. In fact, he won't rock shoes worn by the NBA's other top names, either, including Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant.

Speaking with Kicks on Fire, Pierce says that his competition's sneakers are 100 percent off-limits. "I would never wear a rival's shoe. You know, LeBron's been a rival for years, Kobe [has been] in the Finals a couple of times," Pierce said.

"If anything, I would wear something neutral you know like... actually, not even Kevin Durant, especially now that I'm in the Western Conference. If I was still in the East, I might consider it."

Fair enough, but what would "The Truth" wear instead? "If anything, I would wear a Jordan or a throwback Penny. I'm actually a huge Penny Hardaway fan," Pierce said. Now that sounds like something that sneakerheads could definitely get behind.

Elsewhere in the interview, Pierce touches on his unofficial signature shoe, the Nike Air Legacy 3, Nike Basketball's progression through the years, and more. You know the drill, click over to Kicks on Fire now to read the whole thing.