Obscure Air Jordans Help Catch Man Who Made Death Threats

A pair of obscure Air Jordan sneakers from 2012 help catch a San Diego man who made death threats against a bar bouncer. Find the full story here.

Air Jordan 1 Phat 'Anthracite/Club Purple'
Jordan Brand

Image via Jordan Brand

Air Jordan 1 Phat 'Anthracite/Club Purple'

A New Year's Day outing took a dark turn Tuesday when a San Diego bar patron allegedly threatened to kill a bouncer. The man, who was said to be carrying a knife, was eventually tracked down by police, and they say his "unique" Air Jordans were key in helping to catch him.

According to ABC 10 News, the unnamed man allegedly went to the Open Bar on Mission Boulevard around 1 p.m. Tuesday, pulled a knife on the bar bouncer, and threatened to take his life. He did so in a pair of "Anthracite/Club Purple" Air Jordan 1 Phats from 2012, a sneaker that's seldom seen these days and probably isn't the smartest choice to commit crimes in.

Police caught the suspect not far from the scene, but the story wasn't over yet. During their search for the man, they encountered another unruly individual at the bar—one who decided to jump on a police car and damage it. That second man was arrested on the scene for felony vandalism.

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