Nike Announces New Penalties for Resellers

Nike has updated its U.S. e-commerce terms of sale with new penalties for resellers and those who use automated bots. Read all the changes to its policies here.

Joe Hebert Nike Reseller
Joe Hebert Nike Reseller

With news of Nike Korea cracking down on resellers making the rounds in recent weeks, the brand has made similar updates to its e-commerce terms of sale stateside. 

First spotted by The Wall Street Journal, Nike’s new terms of sale include updated language pertaining to resale and bot use. The policies, which have been in place for years, were revised this month to include harsher penalties for those the brand determines purchased items with the intention of reselling.

Nike now reserves the right to charge restocking fees, impose purchase quantity limits, flat out refuse returns, and deny access to any of its stores. Previous sanctions that remain in place include the brand’s ability to restrict sales, cancel orders, and suspend or close accounts of suspected resellers.

The updated terms also extend Nike’s right to reject or cancel orders. Previous iterations of the terms included a clause pertaining to unusual or potentially fraudulent orders, but the new document specifically states that Nike can cancel those that are placed with bots. It also adds that orders can be canceled if an account has an excessive amount of returns or exceeds product purchase limits.

The revised U.S. e-commerce terms of sale can be viewed in full here.

Nike did not respond to request for comment. 



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