Nike Just Filed a Patent That Will Allow Sneakerheads to Create Their Own Flyknit Patterns

This can't come soon enough.

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Flyknit fans will be hyped to hear what Nike's planning for the future. 

Following last month's announcement that the brand had amassed over 500 Flyknit-related patents, Quartz is shedding light on one of the more recent filings. Earlier this year, the Swoosh filed for a "footwear designing tool" patent that directly relates to Flyknit.

The patent focuses on computer based customization and describes an interface that mimics the layout and function of a knitting machine to the extent that the user will actually feel like they're "physically designing and/or manufacturing" the sneaker. Picture a digital knitting machine of sorts — one that will allow you to choose and combine knit patterns, colors, and more, opening up nearly endless possibilities. 

Could this have something to do with what Nike has planned for the Rio Olympic Games 2016? Stay tuned.