ISIS Officially Declares War on Nike

ISIS has found a new enemy with Nike.

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You've read about the ISIS ban on skinny jeans, but now the militant group is setting its sights on something much larger—Nike.

The radical organization claims that the word 'Nike' sounds similar to Arabic slang for sex acts, and also points to the name's inspiration, the Greek goddess of victory, as the reason for the ban. Members have been forbidden from wearing any Nike related products, with punishments ranging from small fines to imprisonment if they're caught donning the Swoosh. 

It's worth noting that several ISIS members attempted to halt the ban before it went into effect, causing a lengthy internal debate amongst the group. Many ISIS fighters have been known to regularly wear Nike and other Western sportswear brands, but it looks like their influence wasn't strong enough to keep the Swoosh safe.

You can view the rest of the document below, including a series of Twitter interactions between members regarding the ban.

[via The Daily Mail and @alraqqawi]

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