These Infographics Break Down the Insane Resell Prices on the adidas Yeezy Boost

Campless put together infographics breaking down the adidas Yeezy Boost's resell prices through release weekend.

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We already told you that resellers were raking in the cash on their adidas Yeezy Boosts, and now we've got the hard data to prove it.

Teaming with illustrator Dan Freebairn of Kick Posters, Campless worked its magic compiling Yeezy Boost resell prices through the weekend's launch into an infographic that makes the numbers a little easier to digest.

There's a lot here, but among the most interesting takeaways is the fact that eBay isn't actually pulling the highest average prices—that distinction belongs to Kixify and Taobao, with each selling pairs over $2,000. If you're looking to snag a pair at the lowest price possible, it looks like Facebook and Klekt might be your best option right now. The most expensive markup thus far has been an eBay listing that sold for $5,400, which is pretty astronomical considering they weren't even autographed. Granted, that single pair should be considered an outlier since no other pair sold for close to that amount.

Elsewhere, you'll find out how the Nike Yeezys have fared since the drop, as well as a timeline of events leading up to the drop.


Image via High Snobiety

[via HighSnobiety]