You may have been lucky enough to score a pair of adidas Yeezy 750 Boosts last weekend, but we're willing to bet you weren't as lucky as actor Perry Sook. After having some trouble securing a reservation through adidas' Confirmed app, Sook made the ultimate come-up just days later.

"Like everyone else, I was glued to the Confirmed app since day one," Sook told us. "After battling with all the crashes... my reservation was gone, and they were full," he added. But he wasn't about to give up that easily, and managed to work out a meet-up with a reseller during the launch so he could inspect the pair and guarantee its authenticity. Considering the fact that fake pairs are already being produced, that was probably a smart move.

Sook's luck continued earlier today, when he attended Jeremy Scott's New York Fashion Week show. After spotting Kanye at the event, Sook pulled off the pair of Yeezy Boosts he was wearing and had them autographed by the man himself. "He signed happily after complimenting my shoe and told me they were the first signed pair," he explained. 

Even though Sook had to pay a premium, it's safe to say that his Yeezy Boosts are probably the most valuable pair in existence right now. 

UPDATE: Here's a shot of Kanye tagging Sook's shoe.