HP Made a Laptop Inspired by Nike Flyknit Sneakers


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Last month during Nike's installation at Milano Design Week, we saw artists turn Flyknit tech into furniture, musical instruments, and floor lamps, but this might be the most inventive inspiration we've seen yet.

HP is the latest brand to take a page from Nike's proprietary knit, with the Flyknit-inspired X360 2-in-1 laptop. We're not going to delve too deep into the specs here—you can find more on that at Mashable—​but we will say that this is a dope concept. 

The Flyknit DNA can be seen at the laptop's palm rest, which HP says uses a "digital threaded" design. Overall, it sounds like this is more about aesthetics than function, but it will be interesting to see how ideas like this are applied going forward.

The HP X360 2-in-1 laptop ranges from $379.99 to $579.99 and comes in three different colors. Find out more about this PC at Mashable