This Collab Between Two O.G. Skate Brands Will Have You Feeling Like It's 1995 Again

'90s kids will have a field day with these.

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If you were into skateboarding in the '90s, chances are you have fond memories of the brands Etnies and Hook-Ups. Now, they're teaming up in 2015 for a nostalgia-fueled collab that recreates one of Hook-Ups' best sneakers.

Using Hook-Ups' 1995 Special Police shoe as inspiration, Etnies have flipped the design and color blocking onto one of its own models, the Marana. At first glance, they may even look like the same shoe, but the new Etnies version adds improved comfort and durability thanks to modern tech. The Hook-Ups x Etnies Marana comes in three colorways: black, burgundy, and royal blue.

If that's not enough to satisfy your '90s cravings, the two parties have also worked on a completely new design in the form of the Etnies Scout as well as a run of clothing including a tee, hoodie, and socks. 

This collaboration is especially noteworthy because both Etnies and Hook-Ups are owned by skaters to this very day. If you're feeling these, the collection is now available from Etnies online. The Marana model retails for $80, while the Scout will run you $70. You can check out a clip featuring Hook-Ups owner Jeremy Klein below.