A New Music-Based Social Network Has Tapped Reebok as Its First Sponsor

Here's what you can expect.

Image via Reebok

A brand new social app that aims to bring fans closer to their favorite musicians has just signed Reebok as its very first sponsor.

Wall Street Journal reports that Bkstg, the product of two former AOL executives, will be getting some help from Reebok to sponsor an original mini-series it's calling #STEPFORWARD. The first installment of the series stars rapper K-Camp and can be seen here.

The concept of Bkstg is that artists will be able to engage with fans more directly and personally, creating their own exclusive content that followers wouldn't be able to find on other social networks. Last summer, the brand raked in $20 million in funding, and the app went live earlier this week. 

You can download Bkstg here and keep up with the #STEPFORWARD series at reebok.com.