This Video Proves NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala Is an O.G. Sneakerhead

NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala isn't your average celebrity sneaker collector. This video proves he's been doing it for awhile.

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Earlier this week, NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala made sports headlines by becoming the first player to win Finals MVP without starting in a single regular season game, but he's about to start making sneaker headlines, too.

Linking up with Nice Kicks, Iguodala gave a glimpse at his collection and a brief rundown of his history as a sneakerhead. It turns out Iggy isn't new to this by any means, which he proves by pulling out gems like an original pair of Nike Air Foamposite Ones from 1997. You'll also see him rocking vintage heat such as the "He Got Game" Air Jordan XIII in eighth grade.

As for his collection, it's about as stacked as you'd expect. Iguodala's sneaker stash includes a wide range of Air Jordan models and colorways, personalized P.E.s, and a pair of "Red October" Nike Air Yeezy 2s that he admits he's scared to wear because he might get "shot or robbed." Props for keeping it real, Iggy.

And just in case you needed any further proof of Iguodala's sneakerhead credentials, @sdubl shared this old photo of the Finals MVP holding up one of the first ever Niketalk T-shirts. O.G., indeed.