Air Jordan XIs Made Out of Legos Could Be a Real Thing

Find out how your vote can make these Lego Air Jordan XIs a reality.

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We've already know that sneaker art has endless possibilities, and we've seen sneaker Lego renderings in the past, but what if we told you that you could actually cop buildable sets of your favorite sneakers?

Designer @tomyoo23 is looking to turn that to a reality with his Air Jordan XI Lego Ideas project, and your vote could be the deciding factor. The Jordan XI renderings are incredibly detailed, down to the icy outsoles and thick rope laces. They also include "Concord," "Space Jam," and "Columbia" colorways.  

All you need to do is visit Lego's website and sign up to show your support. Once the project reaches 10,000 votes, it will be submitted to the Lego review board for approval. If it gets the green light, the next stop will be your local toy store shelves. 

Hopefully these end up coming to fruition, but if you're interested in copping them, be forewarned: Toy collectors can often rival even the most die hard sneakerheads. 


[via @tomyoo23]

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