A Man's Air Jordan Neck Tattoo Leads to His Arrest

A California man was arrested for a car theft after being identified by his distinctive Air Jordan neck tattoo.

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A Fresno, Calif. man's distinctive Air Jordan tattoo played a role in his arrest for stealing a car, reports ABC30.

Last week, Moises Ornelas of Fresno discovered that his car had been stolen, but police weren't much help. Then, he started getting strange calls and texts from an unknown number.

"First he came at me like an innocent guy like, hey, I found your car, it's been parked out here for 3 days," said Orneals. What happened next would raise red flags for even the most trusting individuals, as the thief offered to give up the location of the car in exchange for $300. That's when Ornealas decided to take matters into his own hands.

He arranged a meeting with the shadowy perp and immediately noticed a red Air Jordan tattoo on his neck. Orneals' friend took a picture, which caused the man to speed off with no resolution. 

The following day, Orneals' sister spotted the man once again and was able to take a picture of his license plate, which led police to Oscar Llanos. Now, Llanos faces charges of car theft and operating a chop shop after several of Orneals' car parts also came up missing.

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